With All I Am

If Christian’s apologist bloggers wish to effectively communicate their worldview in a language, beliefs, values, symbols, traditions and practices that are already familiar to atheists, then reading atheists’ blogs could be the key and a treasure mine which will help them understand the diverse atheistic worldview.

As a Christian, who love to learn, think and share the reasons for what I believe and why I believe, reading opposite worldviews and see how they challenge my Christians worldview is an important part of correcting, reforming, changing or abandoning some perspectives that I hold. It also help me communicate Christian worldview in a way I can be understood.

Before I share a list of my favorite ordinary atheists’ and agnostics’ blogs I found edifying, engaging and wonderfully provocative, I shared 10 stages that will help you enjoy and respectfully engage with atheists bloggers as you read and trying to understand their worldview…

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